Homemade Facial Mask Recipes

Homemade Facial Mask Recipes

For a beauty routine, face masks are the common part which you can easily prepare at home from natural products. Milk, banana, yogurt, egg, lemon etc are included in the common ingredients. Thus, the tips for preparing homemade facial mask are as follows:


Banana is used as a natural homemade product for preparing homemade facial masks as on applying it will moisturize your skin and will make your skin softer. A medium sized banana is mashed into a smooth paste. Now, apply it on your face and neck gently. Leave it for 0 to 20mins and the wash your face and neck with cold water. Another way to prepare facial mask recipe with banana is to mix 2 tablespoons honey, 1 medium banana and ¼ cup plain yogurt.


This is an effective method to use vinegar as a natural homemade facial mask. First, you must wash your face then take 1tps apple cider vinegar and 2cups of water. With this, tighten and cleanse your skin. Another way is to take ¼ cup cider vinegar and ¼ cup of water then prepare with a solution to apply on your face and leave it to dry.


You can give yourself an imaginative spa at your home by using milk and preparing homemade facial mask. Make a thick paste using powdered milk and then apply this paste on your face and leave it to dry completely. Now, wash your face with warm water. This will make you feel fresh and re-energized.


Oatmeal facial gives a fast refreshing feeling. Mix 1/3 cup of cup of oatmeal with ½ hot not boiling water then wait for 2 to 3mins until these have settled to add 2tps plain yogurt, 1small egg white and 2tps honey. Now, apply on your face a thin layer of it then leave it for 10 to 15mins. Then, wash your face with warm water. At the time of washing your face you must surely place in your sink a plastic strainer or a metal in order to prevent the drain to clog with these particles.


Simply there is no need to waste your money on creams that are costly; you just require whole egg mayonnaise to prepare homemade facial masks.  Apply mayonnaise on your face gently then for around 20mins leave it. Now, wash your face with cool water. After doing this your face will look smooth and clean.


In order to cleanse your skin and making your pours to look tighten you just need to apply few plain yogurt on your face and leave it for 20mins. To make a healthy mask take few of the orange pulp, 1tps aloe and 1tps plain yogurt along with a juice taken from ¼ slice of orange. Before washing your face, leave this mixture on your face for 5mins minimum.


For a healthy facial, apply mild yellow mustard on your face to relieve and motivate your face. Firstly, you must apply to small area to test whether it suits you or not.


Take 1 lemon juice to it add ¼ cup of sweet almond oil or olive oil to prepare a facial mask. On applying this, it not only moisturizes but also exfoliates.


You must take an egg for pampering little. If you need to moisture your dry skin then just take out the yolk from the egg. For oily skin, take an egg white to it add honey or lemon. Use an entire egg for normal skin.  Apply beaten egg on your face and wait for 30mins then wash your face. It will make your face feel fresh.


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