10 Ways to Prevent and Slow Aging

agingAging is unavoidable the year we gather are simply shown on our face through lines, wrinkles. The year we accumulated is accompanied by experience, wisdom we are proud of it but still we want to avoid aging. We still want to look and feel younger. There are many anti-aging cosmetics and products that have a vital role in your daily routine. But there are plenty of natural ways to slow the aging process. The vegetables or fruits packed with anti-oxidants help you to remove free radicals from your skin and gives you younger looking skin. We should not forget the important key of looking and feeling younger is to stay fit, exercising regularly illness and pain or chronic stress quickly invites aging. It not only about adding years to life but to have to add life to your years focus on preventing diseases. Disease occurs when we doesn’t take care of our body or unhealthy lifestyle. Aging occurs at a cellular level our healthy habits will repair the cellular damage. Adjust your mindset that will make you feel younger. Here you have few ways that will prevent you from aging:

Exercise the main source of youth:  Good workout gives you a glowing skin it keeps you look young. It provides you naturally flushed cheeks exercise acts as storage of natural looking skin.

Be happy: Stress is the main reason that physical damage our body so it is advised to get rid of stress and enjoy the thing you love to do it fill your life with smile and love and practice tension free activities such as exercise and meditation and enjoy life.

Avoid Sugar: Sugar is the main reason behind aging as well as reduces life span so we should avoid sugar as much as possible.

Eat Vegetables: It is proved that oxidative damage is caused by metabolism and toxins contributes to aging process at cellular level so vegetables that are high in antioxidants seems to protect us from the oxidative stress.

Don’t Smoke: Smoking easily decreases your life-span and makes you look older at the same time.

Sleep: The most important thing to make you feel young and fresh on the given day is how much sleep you take you must take eight hours sleep.

Eat fish: It is proved that omega 3-fatty acid is found in fish which is beneficial for skin.

Moisturizer: Help your skin by using moisturizer as the appearance of your skin totally depends on the moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and soft.

Hydrate: Stay hydrated by eating fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water throughout the day.

Olive Oil: Olive Oil is the most versatile and healthy than any other thing. It helps to prevent age related disease and heart disease.


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