Anti aging Food, Anti aging diet


When we get older our body also begins to functions little less smooth and we get prone to age related problems. But eating nutrient enriched foods not only do wonder to offer you improved energy for a longer and healthier life but also enhances the outer beauty. From the recent researches Scientists have come across certain facts that exposure to sunlight, genetics and poor eating habits can result to skin premature aging. Unhealthy eating accelerates the aging process due to poor intake of food with nutrients and antioxidants that help to protect and repair your skin. Some of them are-

Strawberries- are enriched with a huge amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to fight wrinkles and age related dryness in skin.

Tomatoes- The redness is due to presence of lycopene and carotenoid contain in it which helps to keep the skin smooth and glowing ever. Consumption of more lycopene protects the skin from sunburn.

Tofu- This soya food helps to preserve the skin firming collagen this is rich in isoflavones. This helps to prevent wrinkles when exposed to UV light and makes the skin smoother.

Coffee- A single cup of coffee daily lowers the risk of developing skin cancer. 

Cocoa- Chocolates prevents you from acne. Cocoa contained in chocolates are enriched with flavonoid know as epicatechin which helps to improve skin texture. It even increase the blood flow and boost nutrients and oxygen supply in the body.

Berries- These are enriched with antioxidants that lowers the risk of diseases and even prevents memory loss. It even contains fibers which help to reduce weight.


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