7 Vitamins That’ll Make You Look Younger

There are tons of anti-aging skin care products and treatments in the market, the natural glowing and healthy and younger skin comes from inside. It always depends upon what you eat each and every food you take is good for routine skin care. Intake of anti-aging vitamins in breakfast, lunch and dinner helps in yielding more radiant and youthful skin. There are several vitamins that give nourishment and care to skin they are-

Vitamin E for Anti-Aging-It protects the cell membrane and guards the cells of skin from whatever goes out and what comes in. When Vitamin E combines with Vitamin C it protects the skin from UV damage.

Vitamin E found in–

Wheat germ, Nuts and seeds and in Avocados


Beta-carotene – It is responsible for converting Vitamin A which is responsible for cell repair and growth.

Beta-carotene found in

Carrot, Pumpkin, Cantaloupe, Swiss chard, Kale and Spinach


Polyphenols- It exhibit anti-cancer properties and reduce the risk of sun related cancers.

Polyphenols are found in-

Green tea


Omega-3- It keeps the skin lubricated, helps to maintain integrity of cell membrane which keep it protected from toxins and keep it out of skin and even helps to protect against sun damage.

Omega-3 is found in-

Low contaminate fatty fish (Wild Salmon), Walnuts, Ground flax seed


Selenium- It protects the elasticity and protects the skin from sun’s rays.

Selenium is present in-

Seafood, Wheat germ, Eggs


Vitamin A- helps to retain moisture which prevents the skin from dryness related troubles.

Vitamin A is found in

Tomatoes, Squash, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Apricots


Vitamin C- It is an essential skin protein that gives structural support and resiliency of skin and reduces wrinkles and improve overall skin quality.

Vitamin C is found in-

Bell peppers, Broccoli, Strawberries, guava, Citrus Fruits.


Apart from these you can use Anti-aging creams that are made up of natural ingredients.


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